Monday, January 11, 2010

Listened to: Variaciones del fandango espanol

"Variaciones del fandango espanol"
Andreas Staier (harpsichord)

Antonio Soler's Fandango became an instant favourite when I first heard it about 8 months ago. This 10-minute piece is underpinned by a vibrant rhythm and filled with constantly changing ideas that wander off into fascinating regions... who'd have guessed that an 18th-century Spanish priest invented prog rock? That piece is at the start of the album, and the end comes in the form of a lots-of-fun version of the "other" slightly famous fandango, the one in Boccherini's Guitar quintet G448, this being a version for 2 harpsichords plus castanets. In between there's lots to enjoy too, notably a couple of slightly nutty pieces by Sebastian de Albero in a genre unique to that composer, the Recercata, Fuga y Sonata.

This post represents the successor to "To this week I listened to". New posts will occur Whenever I Like.

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