Monday, January 25, 2010

BBC Music Magazine Awards

Don't forget to get your votes in for this year's BBC Music Magazine Awards. Because as we all know, the best way to decide anything is via an online poll.
Is it ethical to vote if you haven't heard all the nominated albums? (I've heard 9 of the 18). Well, consider the fact that all entrants are put into a draw in which both the winner and the 2 runners-up receive copies of all the albums. So I guess they're assuming that the voter generally doesn't have all the information needed to make a rational decision. Just like most voting situations, then.

Of course, long-term Nereffid fans will scoff (thus: pah!) and declare that there is not, nor ought there be, any classical music recording award as prestigious as the Nereffid's Guide Awards, to which I am currently putting the finishing touches. Expect the results by the weekend. It will be exciting! I may even use different coloured fonts or something.

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