Friday, January 8, 2010

Have I listened to anything recently?

Yes, quite a lot actually, thank you, but I haven't been blogging about it. December was a busy month, and opportunities for posting were fewer. More importantly, my attempt to keep a continuous weekly log of my listening experiences has started to feel like an obligation rather than a fun thing to do. So I doubt if I'll go back to a "This week I listened to" routine. But I promise to try to highlight any really good albums. And I do want to do occasional (if not regular) 8tracks mixes. In compensation, later this month you'll get the Third Annual Nereffid's Guide Awards.
Who reads this stuff, anyway?

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SpiderJon said...

Much as I liked your "This week I listened to...", I know what you mean about that sort of thing feeling like an obligation rather than pleasure (I used to try to do a similar "What I read last month"). And a new Nereffid's Guide Awards is very much to be looked forward to - thanks!