Saturday, January 30, 2010

Awards 2009: Chamber

Beethoven: Cello sonatas opp.5, 69
Daniel Müller-Schott; Angela Hewitt

These aren't really cello sonatas, but sonatas for piano and cello. Tim Perry on MusicWeb says "As much as I admire Hewitt’s Fazioli, which brings its customary lightness and clarity of articulation, she has a tendency to defer to the burring and purring of Müller-Schott 's 1727 Matteo Gofriller cello. And who can blame her? Müller-Schott's tone, by turns gruff and eloquent, is captivating... This is wonderful, life-affirming music making and whets the appetite for more from this exciting partnership". In Fanfare, Jerry Dubins waxes enthusiastic about "one of the most exciting young cellists to come along in quite awhile with one of the great Beethoven interpreters of our time", concluding "Cruel though it may be to say so, after this, others need not apply".

Debussy, Fauré, Ravel: String quartets. Quatuor Ebène [Virgin]
Haydn: String quartets op.20/5, 33/3, 76/5. Jerusalem Quartet [Harmonia Mundi]
Satie: "Avant-dernières pensées". Alexandre Tharaud et al. [Harmonia Mundi]
Schumann: Violin sonatas.
Carolin Widmann; Dénes Várjon [ECM New Series]

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