Thursday, October 8, 2009

Steve Carella

OK, one more movie post for the time being. I want it officially on the record, 5 or 10 years before anyone in the TV or film industry thinks of it: Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Steve Carella.

I have no idea why, but it suddenly struck me while I was watching the awesomeness that is 500 Days of Summer. "tall and rangy, with dark hair and brown eyes somewhat slanted to give him a slightly Oriental appearance", as McBain put it in Mischief. I mean, if Carella can be played by Donald Sutherland, Burt Reynolds, and Randy Flippin' Quaid... Plus there was that guy I couldn't be arsed looking up on the IMDb who was in Pet Sematary, who had the misfortune of playing opposite Joe Pantoliano as Meyer, an actual bald Meyer. If you're not a very good actor it's hard to play the lead when Joey Pants is supporting. But I digress.


Anonymous said...

I was trying to work out why you thought it necessary to have an actor portray Steve Carell.

Nereffid said...

That might eventually be necessary.