Sunday, October 18, 2009

Haydn just confused the hell out of me

I'm listening to the first volume of Ronald Brautigam's complete set of Haydn's keyboard music on BIS. Track 14 just came on and I thought, "wait a second, I've just heard this one!" And yes, track 14, which is the Presto first movement of the Sonata no.5 (11 in the Hob numbers), and track 13, which is the Presto finale of the Sonata no.4 (G1), are identical. Well. I very nearly wrote an outraged missive to Robert von Bahr demanding my money back. But it turns out that's how it's supposed to be - I just checked samples of another recording online. I say to you, Mister Haydn sir, WTF? W T F, sir? Actually it may not be Haydn's fault either. Sonata no.5 is of doubtful authenticity, according to the sleeve notes (although surely we can say the first movement is authentic, if Sonata no.4 is kosher?).

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