Friday, October 16, 2009

Nereffid's Guide Awards - progress report

Preparations for the NGAs are proceeding at speed. I'm up to date on reviews from Gramophone, BBC Music Magazine, Classics Today, and MusicWeb, and they're all neatly compiled into a spreadsheet. So far there's about 1,400 discs in the list altogether, and about 54 or 90 or 177 of these can be considered contenders, depending on the inclusion criteria. I was hoping for a bit more than 54 under the most exclusive regime, but the three "serious" print publications have yet to be included so I expect a final tally in the 200s or thereabouts. One faintly alarming thing is the low showing so far of music by living composers (with the exception of vocal music). Hopefully this will work out OK in the end, but it is an indicator of the difficulties of getting contemporary music noticed.
I've decided to stick with just one Chamber category; the previous distinction based on number of performers was cumbersome and ultimately unnecessary. And I might decide to separate opera recital discs from full operas, depending on numbers. (Idle thought: is it worth looking through and Gramophone Awards issues for pointers on other potential categories, or have I covered all the bases well by now?).
The next step is to get International Record Review covered.

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