Thursday, August 26, 2010

V for Weinberg

Many years ago I was browsing through a branch of Golden Discs in Cork and noticed an album by The Shadows filed, with impeccable logic, under C. For "Cliff Richard", I believe, and not because Hank Marvin's a c**t.
A couple of discs in what shall hereafter be known as Nereffid's Montreal Bounty are causing filing problems. I came across multiple copies of an Olympia compilation from 2001 called "Discover Vainberg". Mieczysław Vainberg or Weinberg or Vaynberg or Wajnberg or Вайнберг was born in Poland but spent his working life in Russia, leading to all sorts of transliterative shenanigans. There seems to be a shift away from Vainberg and toward Weinberg, so that Vainberg is going to stick out like a... well, hardly stick out at all unless you're a compulsive indexer. Thank goodness nobody seems to have followed up on the suggestion that Tchaikovsky should be spelled without the T, a la Chekov.
Meanwhile, the Huelgas Ensemble's album of motets by Jacobus Gallus can sit neatly on the shelf between Fux and Galuppi, but the fact that he also went by the name Jacob Handl has thrown a spanner in the works as regards my database. Why are composers so selfish?

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