Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blog entries I missed

Seeing as how I'm on "vacation", as they say in these "united" "states", blogging has been even lighter than promised. These are some of the posts I have so far failed to write:
So this is what I'm missing
A brief overview of the classical selection on eMusic US - what Sony offers, basically. Some comments regarding the venerable but by now rather aged Columbia/CBS/RCA catalogues. General expression of "meh". Voicing of relief that I don't have to pay nearly twice as much for the privilege of downloading this stuff. Followed by observations regarding's download options. A degree of "meh" here also. Clicking of heels; there is no place like home.
I saw Inception
...and it was [redacted in accordance with blog policy].
Some notes on the state of classical radio locally. Invocation of basic rule, "if in doubt, play Mozart". Discussion suddenly moves, along with its author, to Montreal. Observation that the presenter of CBC Radio 2's "Tempo" program is so frigging chipper she really needs to be smashed in the face with her own coffee mug.
Blame Canada
Extensive travel-blogging from "North America's most European city" (you could not get away with that sort of thing in the US, let me tell you) is eschewed in favour of brief complaint that industrial action by Montreal municipal employees meant that the Biodome was closed and this made my four-year-old daughter cry.
Emergency Telemann stop
A short laudatory note recounting how there were two excellent used CD shops within 5 minutes walk from where we were staying, almost side by side and practically across the street from the local Metro stop. Weeping, the author tells of one occasion when he says to his companions, "you guys go back to the apartment - I must just nip over to get that Telemann disc I didn't get yesterday". Music of the north German baroque mingles in the author's mind with "The Big Rock Candy Mountain". Concludes with fireworks, dancing bears, &c.

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