Thursday, February 11, 2010

A long-lasting fame, of sorts

Heh! I knew that back in the Nereffid's Guide days, the reviews page on the Fine Arts Quartet's web site had a link to me because their Schumann string quartets disc for Naxos appeared on a list somewhere. What I didn't know - and just found out - is that all those reviews can be found on Naxos's own web site too. And, er, there I am: in the Naxos reviews section, in the list of "publications" between and Neue Musikzeitung.
The "review" isn't any better than "somebody said it was good". But it's nice to see an echo of Nereffid's Guide out there in the Internet, even if by now it's completely meaningless. I like to think that, every so often, someone looks through that list of review sources and says "Nereffid's Guide to eMusic Classical? What the hell is that??"

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