Friday, February 5, 2010

8tracks mix: Nereffid's Guide Awards 2009

Here's two mixes, each 8 tracks long, with highlights from each of the 14 Nereffid's Guide Award winners. Wait a second, Nereffid! I hear you bellow. Twice 8 is 16, not 14! Well done, this is absolutely correct. There's two from the "NMC Songbook" seeing as they're so short, and two also from Bernstein's Mass, seeing as it's the Recording of the Year.

Part 1 covers Chamber, Living Composer - Vocal, Baroque - Instrumental, Opera, Choral, Concerto, and Medieval/Renaissance.

Part 2 covers Orchestral, Opera Recital, Solo Instrumental, Solo Vocal, Living Composer - Instrumental, Baroque - Vocal, and Symphony, and ends with the Recording of the Year.

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