Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PG Tips

One of the (many) things I learned from Alex Ross's The Rest is Noise is that, back in the seventies when times were tough, Steve Reich and Philip Glass briefly owned a furniture removals company.

"Philip! Do you know this piano's on my foot?"
"You hum it Steve, and I'll play it!"

Another thing I already knew about Philip Glass was that he also worked as a New York cabbie. Hey, maybe he should have been in Taxi Driver instead of de Niro. Remember that scene where Travis Bickle stands in front of a mirror repeating the same phrase over and over again...?

Oh, I'm on a roll here...
What about that classic German comedy movie, where the Berlin Philharmonic's Asian tour goes horribly wrong? You know: Karajan up the Khyber.

I will stop now.


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