Friday, December 4, 2009

Hyperion downloads

I discovered yesterday that Hyperion is now offering downloads on its web site. Details here. One great thing is that shorter albums cost less to download than longer ones. This makes sense - in as much as a download is a physical product, the physical product will be smaller. Well, whatever the logic, it makes certain albums very competitively priced. A longer album will be £7.99 (= €8.78 today) but a shorter album will be just £5.99 (= €6.58). Both compare well with, say, Quboz's €9.99 and MDT's current Hyperion CD price of £9.54 (= €10.50, not including p&p). Add in the bulk-buying discounts Hyperion gives, and suddenly I see Simon Perry pocketing a lot more of my dosh in the future.

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