Monday, December 14, 2009

Dacapo Records makes a friend

Denmark's Dacapo Records is doing a nice Christmas promotion - a sort of "advent calendar" where every day they give out a promo code for you to download any one track off a specified album. It's a great way of gaining some familiarity with various obscure Danish composers (and Carl Nielsen).
December 10th's promo code didn't work, and rather than shrug it off I decided to let the company know - just in case similar things happened in future (witness what's happened with's free weekly download, which is such a tagging/naming fiasco that I don't bother with it anymore, and will never buy anything from them as a result). Later I get this email:
I am very sorry you experienced failure trying to use the DEC10 promo code.
It has now been fixed so that it works. For the inconvenience I will offer
you the full album of December 10 for free in any download format.
And that's how you gain customers.
Granted, with an eMusic subscription I probably won't be doing much downloading from Dacapo's own site, but now I'm so much more favourably disposed to the company, and those free tracks will no doubt inspire further exploration.
Thanks, Dacapo!

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