Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our cultural frames of reference are different

One man's à propos comparison is another man's pretentious twaddle, I suppose.
From Stephen Pruslin's review in International Record Review of the new Claudio Abbado/Orchestra Mozart recording of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos:
For me, Abbado's treatment of all six concertos evokes the three Eumenides who give the final tragedy of Aeschylus's Oresteia its name, and whose fearsome, destructive presence is transformed, reconciled with, and absorbed into the overall body politic at the very end of the trilogy. In those terms, Abbado's art here is one of inclusiveness and the synthesis of opposites.
To which my only response is:

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Bartacus said...

A wonderful response.

Somewhat reminiscent of my sentiments when I read the new DG darling of the keyboard Ingrid Fliter quoted thus on playing Beethoven: You must must be mentally and physically strong. I feel overwhelmed of being in charge of such a duty. It's like carrying a flag for the human race.

Pass me my Purdey.