Monday, May 30, 2011

Alert: Weinberg's The Portrait

Having enthused about Mieczyslaw Weinberg's Third Symphony, I'm obliged to remark that his opera The Portrait was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on Saturday, in a performance by Opera North. You have five days left to listen again. I shall be doing something involving my computer's phones and mic sockets, in order to listen at my leisure.


Jason Walker said...

might I suggest 'Radio downloader'.
Spares you all the misery of hooking your speakers up to your mike socket. On the other hand, I appreciate that some actually enjoy the misery of hooking your speakers up to your mike socket, and I'd never wish to deprive you of that.

Nereffid said...

Thankee kindly.

Oh wait, I just remembered! Home Taping Is Killing Music.

Jason Walker said...

Gosh that's true. I for one didn't believe the skull and crossbones logos on the record sleeves 25 years ago and home taped the bejeezus out of every LP I saw. And where are The Traveling Wilburys now? Or Herbert von Karajan? All gone, and all my fault. I feel so ashamed.