Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Suddenly... nothing happened

OMFG a new post on Les Introuvables de Nereffid! Sadly, it's just a meta sort of post pointing out the bleedin obvious that my blogging activity has been terrible of late, an apology for same, and a vague attempt at an excuse. Perhaps I could say that a lot of my spare time (I mean the spare time I have left over after my spare time gets used doing other things) has been largely devoted to getting the 4th Nereffid's Guide Awards in order for its sometime-near-the-end-of-January announcement right here on this very site. Then again, I find I haven't been very engaged with teh internets lately and I've gotten out of the blog mentality. Could this be the end of Les Introuvables? Hopefully not, but I will say that listening to classical music is currently way more fun than writing anything about it, and why should I do things like upload tracks to 8tracks when I could be transferring my CDs to my new external hard drive? So that really useful Samuel Barber mix I had planned never materialised, but hopefully there will be a multitude of mixes to accompany the Awards. I'll try, I really will!
In the meanwhilst, Merry &c.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I was wrong about Qobuz

I was intemperate in my previous complaint about how had started restricting access for people living in this benighted country of mine. Oh yes. I misunderstood. See, they said I couldn't download such-and-such if I lived in Ireland. If I lived in Ireland... Hypothetically speaking, I might live in France, in which case I would type in my French address and post code and they would let me download.
Hmmm... where would I live if I were living in France?
Hey, the Qobuz offices sound interesting, and look, there's their address right on the bottom of every page.
What a shame I don't live in France, eh?