Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Henri Dutilleux: unforgiven?

Dutilleux on his first day at Mime School

According to a Gramophone blog post by James Jolly, the mayor of Paris's 4th arondissement is refusing to allow a commemorative plaque on the home of Henri Dutilleux. Is it because he didn't like Tout un monde lointain? No. Apparently all Dutilleux's achievements have been trumped by what he did as a 26-year-old, which was write a hack-work score for some Vichy propaganda film.
It's worth noting (if you enjoy irony) that Dutilleux regarded his 1946-8 piano sonata as his opus 1, renouncing most of his earlier works.
Anyway, pianist/composer √Čtienne Kippelen has organised a petition to encourage the mayor to change his (seemingly quite narrow) mind.

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Anonymous said...

To do full justice to Henri Dutilleux's actions during WW II, here are the full facts:
- In 1942 he adhered to the Front national des musiciens, an organization of musicians that was part of the French Resistance.
- In 1942 he composed the score for a film promoting the establishment of sports fields near the working place of industry workers - hardly hard core nazi propaganda.
- In 1944 he composed a work on a sonnet by resistance poet Jean Cassou.