Friday, January 25, 2013

Awards 2012 - Medieval & Renaissance

Richafort: Requiem and other sacred music

"Musically inspired by Josquin, this is a majestic, expansive requiem. Its dark sonorities, measured tread and long-breathed lines, interlacing a web of references to music from the ancient and recent pasts, invoke melancholy reflections of the transience of things. Yet the shades of mourning are illuminated by moments of light and serenity—glimpses of a sublime hereafter." - Kate Bolton, BBC Music Magazine.
"Not only do the performances here range from genuine tenderness (Josquin's Nymphes, napp├ęs literally stops you in your tracks, so sublimely moving is it) to majestic splendour (try the 'Sanctus' of the Requiem), but the balance is perfect and the melodic lines are absolutely clear, so that every detail of Richafort's remarkable contrapuntal writing can be heard... If I could nominate this recording as 'Outstanding' twice over, I would do so, for I have run out of superlatives. It is, quite simply, sublime." - Ivan Moody, International Record Review. 

Victoria: Officium Defunctorum. Collegium Vocale Gent/Philippe Herreweghe [Phi]
Josquin: Missa De beata virgine; Missa Ave maris stella. Tallis Scholars/Peter Phillips [Gimell]
Parsons: Sacred music. The Cardinall's Musick/Andrew Carwood [Hyperion]
Ciconia: Opera omnia. La Morra; Diabolus in Musica [Ricercar]

This seemed quite a strong field this year. As usual Renaissance triumphs over Medieval, so it's nice to see Ciconia appearing among the runners-up. Our winners Cinquecento appeared in the 2009 shortlist with a recording of music by Vaet; this is the third time Hyperion has won this category. This year we also welcome the first appearance of Philippe Herreweghe's label Phi.

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