Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rise of the Masters!

A series of really cheap downloads from X5 Music Group, actually very good value, and oh look at the covers:

"Great news, darling! A Swedish record company has seen my work in that sporting goods catalogue, and they've asked me to pose as Beethoven!"
"But you look nothing like Beethoven".
"Well, they give me a wig. Here, look..."
"Wait, did you say Beethoven or Michael Heseltine?"

They don't seem to have a Dvorak collection, but when they do produce one, they can save a bit of money because they don't need anyone to pose this time - all they need to do is change the title on the Debussy one:

Seriously. These composers are actually going to fight crime. Tonight on CBS!

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Nigel said...

Is that the most kick-ass classical album cover ever? Clearly Ol' Debussy above is their arch-nemesis maestro of crime, his fake beard woven from the wigs of composers he has ruthlessly murdered in elaborate and grotesque tableaux. The Masters Will Rise! The Baton... Will Fall!