Friday, August 26, 2011

Don't buy Katherine Jenkins's new album! (Really!)

She says so herself:
Katherine Jenkins has urged fans not to buy her new album.
The classical singer claims her former record label Universal has put together a compilation of old material and doesn't want her loyal followers to purchase songs they already have.
Katherine - who quit the label in 2008 to sign a huge £5.8 million deal with rivals Warner Brothers - tweeted: "Universal Records are putting out YET ANOTHER compilation album of my music.
"Considering I haven't recorded for them since 2008 it's stuff you already have."
She later told fans: "Don't want you to feel conned."
Katherine instead urged her fans to buy Warner album 'Daydream' as it features "all newly-recorded tracks".
She added: "Make sure you get the right one!"
Just to be on the safe side, I'll buy neither.

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Jason Walker said...

I wouldn't worry. Some well-meaning relative will by them both for you for Christmas on the grounds that you like classical music.