Monday, April 11, 2011

Right hand/Left hand

I'm not sure quite what the relationship between the "Building a Library" feature in BBC Music Magazine and the "Building a Library" segment in BBC Radio 3's CD Review show is. The latter used to inform the former but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Anyway, there exist 2 conceptual items from the BBC entitled "Building a Library".
Last month's one in the magazine was Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana. The top choice was Karajan/Bergonzi/Cossotto/Guelfi, but what we're interested in here is the one that appears as "One to avoid", about which this month's library-builder Ashutosh Khandekar says
In a field full of great contenders, my caveat goes a set [sic] that has been much praised but has serious flaws. Decca's 1966 version conducted by Silvio Varviso is radiantly recorded and has a great cast, but none of the soloists are caught in their prime. An inexperienced Elena Souliotis makes for a wayward Santuzza. Gobbi has superb dramatic instincts as Alfio, but lacks his finest vocal sheen. And del Monaco has lost the lustrous quality of his early years.
All well and good, but what image did they use to illustrate this "much praised" but flawed release?

Oh dear... does that say "A First Choice Recording from Building A Library"?

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