Friday, February 11, 2011

So, what changed?

American Record Guide's Donald Vroon is very enthusiastic about Naxos's release of Sibelius's Symphonies nos.1 and 3, performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra under Pietari Inkinen:
"...a wonderful conductor... He is Finnish; he understands that Northern icy temperament. But he is young, and he feels the music - it's not old hat to him yet, not just another Sibelius symphony. It's still fresh, and he still enters into it with his whole heart and gives it everything he's got - which is a lot. ... If the strings aren't quite lush enough to bring me to tears, they are still very beautiful - and the same goes for the wind solos... All [Inkinen's] conducting is faultless and admirable on this release."
I read that and thought, wait a minute, I remember something I posted last year... And yes, this is the same New Zealand Symphony Orchestra under Pietari Inkinen that recorded a previous Sibelius disc of which the same Donald Vroon said:
"This is a very boring orchestra, with no tonal allure. The conducting is dull as well."

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