Monday, November 2, 2009

When is 56 albums not enough?

All along, I've been a good eMusic subscriber, balancing my downloads so that usually an album with a small number of tracks is balanced by one with a large number - the big symphonies subsidise the baroque sonatas, basically, and the amount I download is roughly equal to the amount I'm going to listen to that month. But this month I said screw it. Well, we know not the day nor the hour when Sony shall walk among us, so I might as well get the bargains now while they're still around. Which this month means a whole load of mostly modern composers with albums 1-4 tracks long, for a total of 56 albums - still leaving me with enough downloads to get the full set of Mahler symphonies from Michael Tilson Thomas and have 21 tracks left over. This is insane. Fun, but insane.

... and that was blog entry #50. w00t!

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